4 Developers 2021 :)

Finally! 4 Developers Festival 2021 was announced! But this is not only good news here – myself together with @Damian Mazurek were selected to the #cloud path program committee 😀 So please do not waste any second and send some CFP and be there – where every technology lover should be – in the 4 Developers Main Edition Festival!

I hope this time we all will meet face to face, not via our monitors 😦 I’m a little bit tired of this pandemic situation :/

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IoT architect wanna be?

Together with Cmurowisko.pl we organises series of 4 free webinars in topic of IoT in Azure. We cover the basics as well as advanced topics (like pricing or security). This was a great opportunity to start your journey with IoT on Azure. 100+ participants also shows that this topic is going to explode any moment soon!

Webinars took places on:

It’s been a while…

Ok it was some crazy time for me, bu now let us back on track 🙂

From the newest stuff – I’ve bacame a certified Agile Project Owner – and trust me, it sounds much better than I think it is ;P

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Next, we have two new videos to share:
MeetUp in Wroclaw:

Interview done by Rafal Warzycha – briliang guy!

What is the most important, you will have a chance to meet me in Krakow durin IoT workshops!

Stay Tuned!