Azure training for architects – dos and don’ts

I had a chance to participate in Azure training for architects today. Here are some of my thoughts, maybe not about the content but about the way of this training is being run. I’m writing live so opinion is quite honest 🙂


  • Prepare a screenshots of expected results of your work, especially when working with internet dependent environment
  • Be prepared – know everything about the content you are going to talk about
  • Manage the audience by providing the way for asking questions that won’t interrupt the training


  • Never threat your audience as a kids, especially if they are considered to be IT architects already…
  • Never spend 30 minutes of your audience time to show how to create outlook account, even if it is very sophisticated process it can be written as a manual and marked as an obligatory activity before the training…
  • Try not to spend another 15-20 minutes to talk about what are you going to talk about 🙂 Just start talking about the case 🙂
  • If you are focusing on giving a demo using Azure CLI – at least say why you will need that as the architect 🙂
  • Try not to go through the best part at the end, when everyone are sleeping :p


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