4 Developers 2021 :)

Finally! 4 Developers Festival 2021 was announced! But this is not only good news here – myself together with @Damian Mazurek were selected to the #cloud path program committee 😀 So please do not waste any second and send some CFP and be there – where every technology lover should be – in the 4 Developers Main Edition Festival!

I hope this time we all will meet face to face, not via our monitors 😦 I’m a little bit tired of this pandemic situation :/

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Can cloud be cheep?

Sure – if you want to store your data… only 😉 How cloud storage is different form the one you know from on premise? How to plan your storage, how to estimate the costs, and what storage service you should choose from milion available? You could hear me answering for all this questions – it depends! during a storage conference organised by KSI. Here is the agenda of the event:

5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Cloud Storage